Exercise Program: 

45 minutes to 1 hour Riding or On-Line sessions with emphasis on

physical fitness. This is not a replacement for training but

a great way to keep your horse fit when you are unable to.  

$25 for a single session 

$90 for 4 sessions a month (1x a week)
$160  for 8 sessions a month (2x a week)
$216 for 12 sessions a month (3x a week)

Horse Care Services Provided


$20 per hour

Pertaining to helping with vet care, hoof care, bodywork, hand walking, cold hosing, wrapping etc.

Minor Service Care:
$1-3 per event

Such as applying ointment or picking out feet.


$50 monthly or $2 per event

Removing and putting on $2 per event, this may be done at the staff's discretion or upon boarder request.

Fly Masks:

$25 monthly

Removing at night, replacing in the morning.


$25 per listing

Boarded horses may be listed on our website with picture and description, or we can assist you in rehoming your horse for 20% commission.

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