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Empowering people in partnership with horses

The Horse First Farm is a natural boarding facility and equestrian center

We provide horse care, boarding and related services in a state of the art facility.

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The arenas, playgrounds, and riding trails have been crafted not just as structures, but as harmonious spaces that resonate with the essence of the horse. Every corner, every path, prioritizes the horse's natural instincts and well-being. Our innovative track system goes beyond just space—it offers domesticated horses the expanse they yearn for, alongside the community they need. 

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At The Horse First Farm, we understand that each horse is unique, deserving specialized attention and care. From secure boarding facilities tailored to your equine partner's comfort to personalized services like handling, blanketing, and minor care routines such as ointment application or foot picking, we've got it all covered.

Experience, Learn, Celebrate!

Dive into a world of holistic horse care, natural horsemanship, and memorable experiences at The Horse First Farm. Whether you're looking to learn, explore, or simply be a part of our vibrant community, there's always something happening here.

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