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About Us

The Horse First Farm began as an idea to create a place that would break the mold of traditional horse boarding and move toward helping domesticated horses live a more natural life.  

At The Horse First our horses all live out in herds with continual access to forage.  We try to place horses in herds depending on age, temperament and lifestyle needs.  Some horses have access to pasture some who may not be able to tolerate pasture live on dry lots and track.  

We have assembled an exceptional group of staff members and to provide a well-rounded support team at the Farm. Our goal is to provide exceptional care and personal support for each horse and their human partner.  

Our CoverAll indoor arena, outdoor play ground, honeycomb and riding trails are all designed to help owners and horses develop solid partnerships. Clinics, lessons and seminars are offered regularly to support the educational journey of all. 

The Farm is committed to:

• Considering the horse's mental, emotional and physical welfare in all facets of daily care.
• Honoring the horse owner's role as their horse's advocate and partner.

• Providing healthy and natural options for a horse's environment, diet and care.

• Supporting students with high quality education in natural horsemanship and holistic horse care so as to inspire, empower and educate horse owners and students.

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